Sustainable practice

What we're already doing...

Since we started in 2017, we’ve continued to expand our environmentally friendly production process.

Our carbon neutral partnership with DPD means neutralising our carbon footprint and providing smarter, more sustainable parcel delivery services through its model. 

DPD's aim is to be the most responsible city centre delivery company and the leader in electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK, and aims to convert 10% of its delivery fleet electric by 2021.

The company opened the UK’s first all-electric parcel depot in Westminster last October, and is investing in a network of all-electric micro depots across the capital – enabling the company to enact on a vision for a cleaner future.

DPD has also helped notjust ensure our packaging is completely biodegradable – meaning you can use it to bag up things like food waste, or simply recycle it.

You can read more about DPD’s carbon commitment here


All our products are produced domestically, using highly-skilled craftspeople in factories we trust. 

Through creating all of our garments domestically, we ensure that carbon emissions are kept down. Equally, we believe our commitment to premium quality is a reaction against the ‘throwaway generation’ many of us live in today. The designs we choose are inspired by public figures and messages we believe will retain their relevance year-on-year, negating the need for repeat purchases.

What we're going to do next...


We understand that there is always room for improvement. We’re constantly looking at new ways to achieve increased sustainability.  Based on where we started and where we are now, we have distilled our aims into a three-point pledge for the future:

  1. For all of our products to be carbon neutral within 3 years 
  2. To offer a range of jumpers made entirely of recycled yarn by 2020
  3. To share knowledge, partner with and help build a community of  likeminded, sustainably focussed groups and individuals working within the fashion industry 

As a small business, we can make changes fast – so we expect this to evolve as we expand. If you’re a business that believes it can help us achieve these goals faster, get in touch here. We’re always open to collaboration.